Spark Mondo LED video billboard trucks

Brought to life to be bigger and brighter than any other LED mobile billboard ever made. Tailor made to grab attention from every angle. The all new Spark Mondo ushers in new standards in every ingenious detail. Mondo is simply the highest quality digital billboard truck ever made.

With displays spanning almost twenty feet diagonally (Mondo 18), Mondo is the first video mobile billboard truck to feature higher than DVD quality — almost real HD quality — video on both sides of its smooth one-piece fiberglass body. Choose from two super-size configurations, designed to fit a range of truck chassis platforms (including many pre-owned medium duty trucks).
The biggest video truck is Spark Mondo
Spark's largest video truck is the enormous Mondo 18. Near HD quality outdoor displays with P4.8 LED technology span 18 feet wide by 8 feet high. Human figures shown at actual scale for comparison.
Highest Resolution Video Quality
The finest detail visible in DVD movies is also visible on Mondo’s super bright LED displays, making it perfect for displaying movies and satellite TV at special events. Advertising images look better on Mondo’s screens because there are more pixels packed into each of Mondo’s widescreen displays.
Massive Commercial Mobile Power System
Powered by an internal Cummins-Onan commercial mobile generator, Mondo has power to spare. Not only does it pack enough power to drive the 6500 NIT super resolution daylight bright LED displays, but it is capable of driving high output sound systems for any special event or parade.
Spark Mondo digital video truck
Mondo 14 has giant 16:9 HDTV format displays which measure 14' wide x 8' high. Overall body height is almost 12' high.
Intelligent Brightness Control
Spark has overcome the intense power consumption needed to achieve digital-billboard-grade brightness in afternoon sun conditions. That level of brightness in the evening renders an LED display too bright to view comfortably. Instead of requiring an operator to manually adjust brightness, each Mondo video truck includes sensors which sample ambient light conditions every second and adjust display brightness automatically, assuring that Mondo’s displays always present an optimal brightness level for current conditions.
No Onboard Computer Required
Instead of standing in the back of a hot truck to make playlist changes, Mondo owners build their ad playlists from the comfort of their home or office. Ad presentations are created and edited remotely, from any desktop or laptop computer, using the included remote access software. It’s simple to push new content to the truck, no matter where it’s located, via the included 4G LTE content management system.

And in addition to the included media player system, Mondo comes with the ability to connect almost any external video source, such as DVD players, game consoles, or satellite receivers.
  • Up to 20 - foot diagonal, weatherproof, digital PH6 or PH4.8 outdoor LED displays
  • 9-1/2 foot diagonal rear display
  • 6500 cd/m2 brightness for daytime visibility
  • Cummins-Onan generator
  • Unlimited number of advertisements in digital slide show with animated transitions
  • Live or recorded video capability
  • Full size top-hinged rear door or side hinged rear barn doors
  • Heavy duty, smooth one-piece fiberglass body
  • Media server with remote administration
  • GPS location aware advertising


  • Color change wrap
  • Graphic wrap
  • Custom paint

  • Body: 5 years
  • Displays: 3 years
  • Power system: 3 years
  • Other electronics: 1 year


  • Mobile billboard
  • Trade shows
  • Corporate events
  • Party rentals
  • Product introductions
  • Grand openings
  • Branding tours
  • Tailgating parties
  • Political campaigns




• 14’ W x 8’ H side displays (PH6 or PH4.8)
• 7’ W x 7’ H rear display
• 16’ long x 94” wide body


• 18’ W x 8’ H side displays (PH6 or PH4.8)
• 7’ W x 7’ H rear display
• 20’ long x 94” wide body

Note: all sizes are approximate. Specifications are subject to change.

Spark Mondo 18 is huge
The highest attention to detail sets Spark Mondo apart from ordinary promotional vehicles. It’s smooth one-piece fiberglass body has no exposed bolts which makes it perfect for custom vinyl wrap graphics.
Exclusive location-base GPS aware advertising
GPS receivers are built into the Spark media player system, which add the unique capability to create custom location-based ad playlists. If you want to display alternate language versions of your advertising in specific parts of a city, it's easy with all Spark promotional trucks. You can also divide up a metro area into specific advertising zones and the system will automatically show the correct advertising content for each zone, with no driver intervention required.
Performance Protection Program
Although Mondo is the newest and largest member of the Spark digital video truck family, it shares the same commitment to quality and design as all of Spark’s mobile advertising truck bodies. It’s covered by Spark’s exclusive Performance Protection Program for the entire digital subsystem. We understand how important it is for you to meet client obligations. Instead of making you wait a week or more for repair or replacement of any failed user-serviceable component, Spark includes hot spares for typical wear items with the delivery of your new Spark truck. It’s the most comprehensive customer warranty program available anywhere.
More for less
Mondo sits atop the Spark family of promotional video trucks, yet is surprisingly affordable. Call today for more information.
Mondo 14
Mondo 14
Mondo 18
Mondo 18
Side screen size (inches)158.7 x 90.7158.7 x 90.7211.7 x 90.7211.7 x 90.7
Side resolution (pixels)672 x 384840 x 480896 x 3841120 x 480
Rear screen size (inches)83.1 x 83.183.1 x 83.183.1 x 83.183.1 x 83.1
Rear resolution (pixels)352 x 352440 x 440352 x 352440 x 440
Brightness (cd/m2)6500650065006500
Simultaneous video sources2 - sides same, back different3 - all three displays can be different2 - sides same, back different3 - all three displays can be different
Cummins-Onan power system20kW20kW20kW20kW
Price - body (chassis extra)$135,980$159,980$147,980$179,980
Price - with new Isuzu diesel chassis (estimated)$171,980$195,980$183,980$215,980