Spark Mobile Video Gallery

Spark makes mobile advertising display systems in a wide range of models and configurations. We hope you enjoy a few of our product videos.
Promo 15 (formerly known as Promo XW) is the largest member of Spark’s Promo series video trucks. Pictured is the standard 6mm video system.
Cartop three sided roof mounted LED display. 12v DC power input and integrated network controller.
Promo 15 (formerly known as Promo XW) shown with Ford Transit cutaway chassis. Promo 15 features superbright 6mm or optional 4.8mm pixel technology. Display resolution is more detailed than standard TV resolution.
Promo 9 (formerly known as Promo XE) with Ford Transit chassis. Promo 9 is the most affordable member of the Promo body series.
Expo 8 (formerly known as Expo XL) with Ford F150 pickup chassis. P6 configuration shown, optional P4 available.
Promo 10 (formerly known as Promo XM)
Expo 8 with Toyota Tundra pickup chassis.