Spark Expo digital video mobile billboard bodies

Spark Expo promotional vehicles harness the power of video and sound to attract and engage with targeted audiences and participants unlike anything else.

Expo’s extraordinarily bright LED displays allow you to show an unlimited number of slides or video files on all three sides of the truck body, using a variety of transition effects. Fine detail is easily read with Expo’s incredible new 4mm outdoor LED display systems. Spark was already the only manufacturer to offer standard 6mm displays, and the only to offer video trucks with 4.8 mm technology. Now, Spark takes outdoor grade LED to a new quality level with PH4 SMD LED video. The quality is simply incredible.

Remote administration is included, with web-based online access to all of Expo's display systems.

Expo 8 (formerly known as Expo XL) shown with Toyota Tundra pickup chassis. Expo 8 is the most popular member of the Expo digital video truck family. 8’ x 4’ side displays with standard 6’ x 4’ rear display pictured.
Expo 8 (P6) shown with Ford F150 pickup chassis. You can purchase Expo with a brand new pickup chassis, or supply your own used chassis for additional savings.
Custom Magenta TMobile paint
Expo 8 with custom color wrap to match client's brand. Widescreen 4’ x 8’ side displays use a 2:1 format aspect ratio.
Our full line of promotional vehicles are based on our Spark-designed, purpose-built, American-made, all-aluminum Expo truck bodies. The Expo body replaces the pickup bed on any half-ton pickup truck, transforming it into a digital video marketing utility vehicle. It's designed to be a perfect replacement for the original bed, and doesn't increase the exterior width or length of the truck at all.

Commercial power system
Powered by an integrated Cummins-Onan generator, Expo can operate all weekend for special events. At only 67dB, the standard Onan generator is the quietest and most reliable commercial mobile generator available.
  • Mobile billboard
  • Trade shows
  • Corporate events
  • Party rentals
  • Product introductions
  • Grand openings
  • Branding tours
  • Tailgating parties
  • Political campaigns
EXPO 6: Three 4’ x 6’ high intensity industrial grade outdoor LED video display systems, wrapped in a bespoke aluminum body with over 165 cubic feet of cargo space.

EXPO 8: Two feet longer, 4’ x 8’ side displays.

  • Three (3) commercial, weatherproof, digital PH6 or PH4 outdoor LED displays
  • 6500 cd/m2 brightness for daytime visibility
  • Cummins-Onan generator (quiet, 70 dB)
  • Unlimited number of advertisements in digital slide show with animated transitions
  • Live or recorded video capability
  • Over 165 cubic feet* cargo space
  • Full size top-hinged rear door
  • Spark-engineered all-aluminum body
  • Designed and manufactured in USA
  • Media server with remote administration
  • GPS location aware advertising

  • Body: 3 years
  • Displays: 3 years
  • Power system: 2 years
  • Other electronics: 1 year


P6 LED Module
4mm (PH4) SMD outdoor LED display technology for excellent resolution and very high brightness.
Specifications are subject to change.
Full sunlight
Expo’s LED screens stand out on the sunniest days. Model shown: Expo 8 with 4’ x 8’ side displays and 4’ x 6’ rear display. Brightness is comparable to typical roadside digital billboards.
The outdoor grade video subsystems are hardened and weatherproofed to excel in punishing conditions — even in bright sunlight. And each Expo comes with the ability to connect almost any external video source, such as DVD players, game consoles, or satellite receivers, in addition to the included media player system.
Live video capable
Expo 6 and Expo 8 both offer an standard 4’ x 6’ rear LED display.
Exclusive location-base GPS aware advertising
GPS receivers are built into the Spark media player system, which add the unique capability to create custom location-based ad playlists. If you want to display alternate language versions of your advertising in specific parts of a city, it's easy with Expo. You can also divide up a metro area into specific advertising zones and Expo will automatically show the correct advertising content for each zone, with no driver intervention required.

Out of the ordinary
Spark Expo trucks can be used just like ordinary business vehicles. They make deliveries, go on service calls, and carry their owners to work. But Expo is anything but ordinary. The constantly changing video ads are seen by thousands of motorists every day -- and those ads always leave a lasting impression.
Cummins Onan power system
Expo’s interior offers easy access to the rear of the LED displays, making routine maintenance a simple task. Expo 8 has 165 cubic feet of cargo space; perfect for carrying event supplies, tents, tables and chairs.
Prices and configurations
Expo 6
Expo 6
Expo 8
Expo 8
Side screen size (inches)68 x 45.368 x 45.390.7 x 45.390.7 x 45.3
Side resolution (pixels)288 x 192432 x 288384 x 192576 x 288
Rear screen size (inches)68 x 45.368 x 45.368 x 45.368 x 45.3
Rear resolution (pixels)288 x 192432 x 288288 x 192432 x 288
Brightness (cd/m2)6500650065006500
Simultaneous video sources2 - sides same, back different3 - all three displays can be different2 - sides same, back different3 - all three displays can be different
Cummins-Onan power system4kW4kW5.5kW5.5kW
Price - body (chassis extra)$55,980$74,980$58,980$77,980
Price - with new half-ton pickup chassis$83,980$102,980$96,980$105,980
Note: all prices in US Dollars. Price with new half-ton pickup chassis is estimated, and based on a brand new $28,000 Ford F150 in the "work truck" trim level. The actual price from Ford for the chassis can vary by location. Many Expo customers choose to supply a pre-owned chassis, which can save up to $10,000 or more on the total price. Expo XE model requires pickup with 6.5' bed, Expo XL requires pickup with 8' bed. Prices and specifications shown are subject to change without notice.