Spark Cartop — Digital Rooftop LED Displays


Add the attention getting power of mobile advertising to any car or truck with a Spark Cartop digital video display. Choose two or three sided models in outdoor grade 4.8mm SMD LED resolution. Your Cartop displays are available in any custom color and will be encased in slim and durable aluminum enclosures.
vTop in NYC

New 2016 model Cartop 2P5.
Re-engineered from the inside out to be lighter, brighter, and easier to customize.

New three-sided Cartop 3P4.8 guarantees visibility from any angle.

Spark Cartop digital video displays transform any taxi into an affordable digital marketing tool.

Two or three sided LED video display systems, in brilliant 5mm resolution, assure that your message is delivered with unforgettable impact.

  • Two or three digital P5 LED displays
  • Wireless Internet content management
  • GPS location-aware advertising
  • 5mm pixel pitch
  • Lightweight aluminum enclosure
  • Unlimited number of advertisements in digital slide show with transitions
  • Live or recorded video capability
  • 12V DC power supply


Cartop 2P5
Superior components. Superior performance.
Spark Cartop displays feature superior high end LED components, external connections, a standard Android display controller and powerful digital signage software developed in the USA. We even use an antiglare polycarbonate window to prevent glare.

You can find other taxi top signs which appear similar to Spark Cartop digital LED displays — but looks alone can be deceiving. Like smartphones, there’s a major difference in the quality of less expensive “give away” phones and the top of the line brands. Of course, there are only so many ways you can arrange LED modules in an aluminum case, but what you can’t see inside is every bit as important as what you see on the outside.

Similar looking roof mount signs weigh over fifty pounds each, but Spark Cartop units weigh approximately 25% less with a more substantial enclosure. Others use power hungry components which may require expensive upgrades to your vehicle’s electrical system. Spark Cartop displays are designed for lowest possible power consumption.

Here’s a big difference you’ll appreciate.
Uploading ads to other roof mounted signs require using confusing Chinese software (with no documentation) to move ads from your computer to the sign. Spark’s bundled enterprise-class software is made by USA based developers. It’s easy, powerful, scalable, and you can get support — by people who speak English as their native language — anytime you need it.
Wireless Internet Controlled Content Management
As a member of the Spark digital video family, all Cartop displays share the Spark-exclusive wireless 3G content management system. You'll feed ads remotely to one or dozens of Cartop displays in your fleet, and you can design GPS-based advertising map zones, so you can target specific ads to outdoor viewers in selected parts of a city. The software also features a fully documented API, which means you can add your own custom functionality.

Since each Cartop is Internet enabled, you can connect via the reliable nationwide 3G cellular network, or by WiFi if you prefer. Ads will play even if Internet service isn’t available, and there is enough storage onboard to hold thousands of different ads.

With Spark Cartop displays, you’ll be able to configure ad playback with custom rules that can automatically schedule different ads for different times throughout the day or even weather conditions to maximize advertising effectiveness.

Day or night, it’s perfectly bright
Only Spark Cartop displays include automatic brightness sensors. The LED brightness level is automatically increased for bright daytime visibility by default. When the sun goes down, digital sensors instinctively adjust the luminance to assure that the LED screens are never too bright for evening or nighttime viewing.
vTop display

Cartop unit during testing. Manage content from any computer or smartphone.

Cartop displays can be securely mounted directly to the roof of any car, SUV, taxi or delivery vehicle, and are also available with a removable roof rail kit that allows you to mount and remove the display without any permanent holes or damage to the vehicle. The video subsystems are weatherproofed to excel in the punishing conditions of outdoor use, and a tough antiglare polycarbonate window protects the displays from vandalism. Inside the car, theres only a simple on/off switch to reduce the possibility of operator error.

Spark Cartop displays are protected with a 2 year limited warranty on all display components and power systems.