Digital signage and video mobile billboard trucks with bright LED video displays

If you're looking for an eye-catching way to advertise and promote your business, you've come to the right place. Spark offers an unmatched selection of mobile digital signage and video mobile billboards. Video trucks from Spark can display an unlimited number of digital advertisements or recorded video clips. All feature remote content administration and super bright outdoor grade LED displays.

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Digital video LED mobile billboards

  • Spark Promo – Make a bigger impact with our aerodynamic promotional trucks. Up to 15-foot wide digital video displays with 6mm or optional 4.8mm LEDs.
  • Spark Expo – All aluminum pickup truck based utility bodies with integrated 4mm or 6mm LED displays.
  • Spark MondoGinormous. Near HD quality digital video trucks with up to 18' wide LED screens.
  • Spark VMod – Add digital LED video promotional power to any pickup truck. Four stand-out configurations.

Digital signage for commercial and personal vehicles:

  • Spark Cartop – IN STOCK — IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. High resolution, two or three sided digital LED display mounts on top of any car, SUV, taxi, limo, or personal vehicle.
Spark Promo 15 (formerly known as Promo XW) — It’s big, bold, and bright enough to be clearly seen on the sunniest days. More details here.
Mobile advertising tips, techniques, and business ideas are available here.
There is only one form of advertising that can't be turned off, tuned out, ignored, torn up, or thrown away.

It's mobile billboard advertising, and since 2002, Spark has been the most innovative supplier of mobile billboards and promotional vehicles anywhere.

We're ready to help make your business stand out from the competition today.
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